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Who is AutoRent?

AutoRent is a Tasmanian owned and operated campervan and motorhome rental and sales business and we know and love Tasmania, that’s what makes the difference. Owned by more than 100 past and present staff, AutoRent has a long, proud history in the campervan hire industry.

Our Focus

We’re focussed on giving our customers the best Tasmanian experience. We are owned and operated by Tasmanian locals, we know and love Tasmania. Our staff are knowledgeable and will help make your Tasmanian journey an amazing one. Click here for itinerary recommendations or our staff can help you out with suggestions to customise your own itinerary. We have a great variety of campervans and motorhomes, ranging from a 2 person backpacker campervan to a 4 person family style motorhome. We will help you find the best option to suit your needs.

Our Story

Since its creation in 1977, from a merger between two well established companies, AutoRent has been at the fore front in the development of campervans and motorhomes however the company’s history can be traced back as far as the 1930s.

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Mr Bewglass Sr started a small garage in Paterson St in Launceston. His son, W.G. (Wenty) Bewglass then took it over.

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Wenty added a service called White Star Line, consisting of a 12-seater bus which travelled from Launceston, through the Fingal Valley to St Marys and back. Max Cox joined as a relief driver and became good friends with Wenty before he joined the war effort and went to Brisbane. In the late 1930’s, Stan and Vida Perry started Perry’s Car Rental Service. 

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Once the war was over, Max returned to employment with Bewglass which had a fleet of around 10 cars. Wenty was accidentally killed by his son. Max was appointed managing director. He changed the name to Bewglass Drive Yourself Cars.

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Bewglass now had a larger fleet and joined with Empire Motors on the North West Coast. Max started Bewglass Motel Tours and became an outbound travel agent. In 1957, Max bought Holden station wagons and added tea chest full of camping equipment to create to forerunner of today’s campervans.

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In 1966 a new Tasmanian business, Alpha Car Rental Company was founded by Jeff, June and Noel Edwards. Initially opening in Hobart, Alpha began to operate from service stations in Launceston, Devonport and Burnie. By the end of 1969, Alphas fleet had hit 100 and they’d outgrown their premises. Alpha purchased their first real estate in Launceston.

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In 1973, Bewglass added campervans to their fleet. In 1974, Alpha purchased property in Devonport and Burnie. Alphas continued growth culminated with amalgamation with Bewglass and Perry’s in mid-1977 under the name AutoRent. A short time later, AutoRent acquired the franchise for Tasmania of Budget Rent a Car, adding trucks to the fleet of cars and campervans.

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Early in 1983, AutoRent added motorhomes to the campervan fleet. Max Cox acquired a patent for a “black box” which ensured the battery for the engine was kept separate from the living part. During 1984, the contract with Budget was ended. Budget moved back to Tasmania on their own behalf and AutoRent became the licensee for Rent a Car in Tasmania.

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AutoRent started its own wholesaling division, packaging hotel accommodation with their own rental vehicles. In the late 1990’s, flights were severely disrupted by the pilot’s dispute. AutoRent chartered Bandeirante aircraft and started “AutoRent Airlines” so their business customers could fly in and out of Tasmania.

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AutoRent became a well-established rental company within Tasmania. In early 2020, AutoRent opened a new caravan sales business called CamperPlus operating from Launceston. In 2021, after almost 40 years as a licensee, returned to Tasmania and their own corporate entity taking over cars, trucks and minibuses. AutoRent stayed with campervans and motorhomes, with plans to increase their fleet.


AutoRent continues to rent and sell campervans and motorhomes at our Launceston and Hobart depots.
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