The Best Little (Tasmanian) Town in the World

Founded in 1881, Strahan is located in the breathtaking and rugged isolation of Tasmania’s North West. Once a port for a thriving mining industry in and around the region, it’s economy is now fuelled primarily by tourism. Strahan is a wonderful place to explore the West coast of the state, which features many attractions such as the beautiful beaches and the untouched wilderness of the world heritage area.

Daily cruises depart from the beautiful Macquarie Harbour… to locations such as Hell’s Gates

If you’re looking to explore the natural wonders of Tasmania’s World Heritage Area, Strahan is a great place to base yourself. There are daily cruises to destinations such as Sarah Island, Hell’s Gates and the Gordon River. Cruises depart from the beautiful Macquarie harbour and give an insight into the town’s past as a harbour for the Sarah Island penal colony – which predates Port Arthur. It was a very harsh settlement, and many convicts tried to escape, making for some very interesting stories which you are sure to hear on your visit to Strahan.

The Henty Dunes near Strahan can be up to 30m high and extend along the coast for 15km

Ocean Beach is also not far from Strahan and offers a glimpse of the power of the roaring 40s winds that cross the Southern Ocean from Antarctica and South America. This 36km long stretch of wind-swept beach exemplifies Tasmania’s natural raw beauty. The Henty Dunes outside Strahan are another coastal attraction, with some up to 30m tall, they extend along the coast for 15km.

Randy Curwen from the Chicago Tribune voted Strahan the “Best Little Town in the World” so if you’re planning a trip to this amazing part of the world we recommend you stay for more than one night!

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The Best Little (Tasmanian) Town in the World