The Truly Authentic Tassie Mining Town

Located 180kms south of Burnie and 256kms west of Hobart, Queenstown is the largest town on Tasmania’s west coast. The western slopes of Mount Owen were first explored in 1862 and the discovery of gold initially attracted the miners. Interest in Queenstown soon changed with the discovery of an abundance of copper in the area and as a result the valley settlement of Queenstown soon grew out of the wilderness.

The unique landscape around the town features surreal pink and grey tones caused by conglomerate rock – and is sometimes referred to as a ‘moonscape’

The mining operation in the town is no longer running but Queenstown has now become a popular tourist destination with a range of local shops and galleries to explore. The landscape around the town, affected by years of logging and early smelting techniques, has become a unique mountainous terrain – sometimes described as a ‘moonscape’. The surreal pink and grey tones caused by the conglomerate rock are an interesting contrast to the heavily forested areas in the further surrounds.

One of Queenstown’s highlights is the West Coast Wilderness Railway, featuring a train tour through the Tasmanian Wilderness

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The Truly Authentic Tassie Mining Town