A Humbling Historic & Tasmanian Experience

Port Arthur is one of the best-preserved convict sites in Australia, where you can explore multiple prison buildings in their near-original condition. A day spent exploring the site is a humbling experience which reminds one of the terrible conditions the convicts had to endure while imprisoned there. A cruise around the peninsula takes you to Cemetery Island and gives  a beautiful view of Port Arthur from the bay.

A day spent exploring Port Arthur is a humbling experience… and a cruise around the peninsula gives a beautiful view of the site from the bay

Port Arthur is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Tasmania’s top tourist attraction and was founded in 1830 as a penal settlement for the colonies. From 1833 to 1853 Port Arthur was the prison for some of the hardest convicted British criminals. Despite being designed as a “Model Prison”, Port Arthur was in all reality a brutal place and as harsh as any other penal settlements. The prison closed in 1877.

For the more courageous visitors, a nightly ghost tour is available, featuring an eerie walk around the buildings in near pitch-black darkness, lit up only by traditional lanterns.


  • Isle of the dead, cemetery tour
  • Point Puer boys prison tour
  • Ghost Tour
  • Audio Tour


  • The Penitentiary
  • The separate prison
  • The dock yard
  • Isle of the dead
  • The paranormal investigation experience
  • The Hospital
  • The Convict Church
  • And many more.


  • BBQs
  • Cafe
  • Kiosk
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Toilets

Admission fees apply, please see the Port Arthur Website for more details.

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A Humbling Historic & Tasmanian Experience