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The centrepiece of the Meander Valley, Deloraine is an arts and cultural centre for the surrounding area. Deloraine is home to many artists, and the town is adorned with various art installations, including statues around the Meander River as well as sculptures up the main street. But the town becomes an artist’s heaven every year in November, when the town plays host to the Tasmanian Craft Fair, swelling the town’s population of around 3000 with up to 30,000 visitors.

Deloraine was identified as exhibiting excellent potential for farming in the 1820s, and agriculture remains the primary industry in and around the region. Evidence of the town’s early history remain, with the town classified by the National Trust for its abundance of historic buildings – featuring excellently preserved Georgian and Victorian architecture.

Deloraine is a beautiful little town, with the stunning backdrop of the Great Western Tiers mountain range

Among the many beautifully preserved buildings are multiple beautiful hotels and B&B’s, so Deloraine makes a great place to stay for a few days. The backdrop of the Great Western Tiers, with Quamby Bluff towering the North, makes Deloraine a beautiful little town.

Deloraine has lovely parklands on the banks of the Meander River – perfect for a picnic

Deloraine is a perfect place to visit for a bite to eat or to stretch your legs after a long drive. There’s lovely parklands on the banks of the Meander River which are perfect for a picnic and boutique shops to peruse. Deloraine is quite a sizeable town and has a range of essential items such as a supermarket, chemist and service station.

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Home of Arts and Culture in Rural Tasmania