The Doorway to the Stunning Wineglass Bay

Freycinet national park is home to the world-renowned Wineglass Bay, considered to be one of the most stunning beaches in the world

Coles Bay is situated in the heart of the sunny east coast of Tasmania and lies on the threshold of the Freycinet National Park. The area has an abundance of Aboriginal middens (deposits of shells) indicating that it was well visited by Tasmanian Aborigines – perhaps as a welcome and warm retreat in Tasmania’s colder months. Popular with whalers, sealers and tin miners in the early 1900s the town was named after Silas Cole who burnt shells from the middens to produce lime. Coles Bay was more formerly settled in 1934, but much of its original history prevails including the middens, mine shafts, farm huts and whale shafts.

Freycinet National Park was, in 1916, designated as Tasmania’s first national park and is home to the world renowned Wine Glass Bay which is considered by some to be one of the most stunning beaches in the world. If you’re an avid bushwalker or just want to soak up Tasmania’s natural beauty Coles Bay is a great place to park your campervan or motorhome and spend a few days exploring. There are walks to suit all abilities and whilst the short walk to Wineglass Bay lookout is a moderate hike it’s well worth it for the impressive views of the peninsula.

Coles Bay and Freycinet have some amazing natural features including pink granite foreshores, pristine water, white sandy beaches and the stunning Hazards mountain range with its pink granite tinge guaranteed to delight any photographer at sunrise or sunset.

As Freycinet Peninsula is a National Park, you’re required to hold a Park Pass, there are various types of passes ranging from annual passes to short-term holiday passes. Passes can be purchased at the Freycinet National Park Visitors Centre or online, we’ve included a few links below to make this process quick and easy. There’s also camping available within the National Park however this is restricted by a ballot drawn in August – please contact the visitor centre for more information.


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The Doorway to the Stunning Wineglass Bay