Tasmanian’s Beautiful ‘Edge of the World’

Located on the mouth of the Arthur River, the township with the same name is a great destination if you want to escape the daily grind and get back to nature. With spectacular rugged coast lines, Arthur RIver forms part of the Western Explorer roadway and even has a plaque stating it’s The Edge of the World!

While standing on the coast, the next closest piece of land is Argentina, over 15,000 kilometres away

The name ‘The Edge of the World’ comes from a poem of the same title written about the coastline near the opening of the Arthur River, as it is subject to the Roaring Forties, and while standing there, the next closest piece of land in a straight line is Argentina, more than 15,000km away – the longest stretch of uninterrupted ocean in the world.

The river provides a great opportunity to enjoy a host of outdoor activities including fishing, kayaking, boating, swimming and shoreline walks. Arthur River is also on the doorstep of the Tarkine Wilderness area which contains Australia’s largest area of cool-temperate rainforest.

Arthur River is on the doorstep of Australia’s largest cool-temperate rainforest – the Tarkine

Just a short cruise up the river takes you into the shadow of the giants of the Tarkine, a haven for rare endemic trees found only in Tasmania. A couple of cruises leaving daily from the town take you deep into the pristine wilderness, with opportunities to marvel at the giant brown top stringybark (Tassie Oak) and ancient giant tree ferns of the Tarkine rainforest.

Arthur River • Caravan Park

Tasmanian’s Beautiful ‘Edge of the World’